Scrum Master / Team Lead

I have years of hands-on experience leading teams to the successful delivery of products that impress and delight customers all over the world.

Success Circles

Success Circles are facilitated small groups that meet weekly to provide accountability and support.
As a member, you’ll receive the accountability and encouragement that you need to achieve your goals while building relationships with smart, accomplished peers as dedicated to their progress as you are.

Classes & Webinars

The most effective way to learn a new skill is active engagement, not passive observation. (I find lectures unbearably boring.) My classes integrate actual practice of the skills being taught whenever possible.

I’m an experienced and effective coach with thousands of hours of experience.

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Using Agile to Teach Agile

Using Agile to Teach Agile

“If you want somebody to really learn a methodology, it’s best to put them in a situation where they need to use it and give them as much practice as possible. You don’t go to class for the material, exactly. There are already plenty of books and online lessons for the pure material. You go to class for the interactive experience with other students and for the opportunity to get personal coaching from an expert who has a very deep experience in whatever it is you’ve gone to school to learn. That’s the real value of in-person learning. Software can replace everything else.

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Amy is an excellent ScrumMaster and lives the concepts of agility in her life, work and team leadership. She initiates improvements to make the environment better and more effective for the organization as well as the team. She is passionate about her work, adept with JIRA, has a great sense of humor and balance.

Karen Walton - V.P. of Project Management, Consensus

I attended a talk at the San Francisco Professional Career Network, and Amy spoke there about using Agile methodologies for job searching. The moment I came home, I implemented her suggestions, to great effect. The To Do/Doing/Done list is now a daily routine; and my time is not only significantly more organized, but also fully trackable at the end of a day, week, or month.

Peter M. C. Farber - Software Developer

Amy has been a shining light in our bay area Agile scene for many years. She has lent her intelligent insight to many events as well as been an integral member for organizing the Bay Area Agile Leadership Network and several Agile Open Conferences. She has created workshops on topics like "basics of agile", introduction to scrum , product owner tips and techniques, UX and Agile Integrated and co-wrote, produced and presented innovative techniques for communicating product vision at Salt Lake City's Agile Roots conference

Dennis Britton - Innovation Catalyst