I’ve been an Agile practioner for 13 years. Like many Agilists, I began using the tools and techniques from my work as a Scrum Master at home as well as at work. There are already quite a few well written stories of such an experience (such as Martin Lapointe’s Agile Household and LifeDev’s Kanban for Home Projects) so I’ll let those stand in for the details here. 

But I’d like to talk about a phenomenon that grew out of practicing Agile for so long, especially practicing Agile alone. Specifically, I’ve become interested in the similarities between Agile and other simple-but-difficult-and-mostly-developed-by-extensive-practice disciplines like meditation and yoga.

I have not figured out how to talk about this yet, but when I’ve mentioned it to colleagues they’ve expressed interest in this idea, so I thought it might be a topic of interest for participants in the open space.

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Agile as a Contemplative Discipline