Business Process Consulting & Automation

If a task is boring, detail-oriented, and not happening often enough, chances are it should be automated. Let the wonders of modern technology take over the details and save your human attention for the things that really matter.


Scrum Master / Team Lead

I have years of hands-on experience leading teams to the successful delivery of products that impress and delight customers all over the world.


1:1 Coaching

I’m an experienced and effective coach with thousands of hours of experience. Read my testimonials here.


Classes and Workshops


The most effective way to learn a new skill is active engagement, not passive observation. Also, sitting in lecture for hours is boring. My classes integrate actual practice of the skills being taught whenever possible. Using Agile to teach Agile, for example.

There are no real life workshops available at this time.

Success Circles

Success circles are facilitated small groups that meet weekly to provide accountability and support. Participating in a success circle increases the likelihood of achieving your goal by 300%. Our current circle meets Tuesdays at 9:30am Pacific time, and the commitment is $99/month. We use Google Hangout, so you can participate from any location. Apply to join the next circle here.