Success Circles are facilitated small groups that meet weekly to provide accountability and support. 

In my practice as an Agile coach and lifelong self-improvement enthusiast, I’ve learned a lot about what does and does not work for people attempting to reach their goals or make changes in their life. I’ve discovered 3 simple things that make an enormous difference:

  • Structure – Scrum, Lean, Getting Things Done, and other methodologies all have one thing in common: they provide structure. Structure – in the form of a regular schedule, consistent measurement, and authoritative guidelines – provides the framework that people need when pursuing their achievements. This success circle’s framework is based on Scrum: an iterative, inspect-and-adapt process with weekly iterations.
  • Social Support – Human beings are social creatures, and we benefit greatly from the companionship and support of our fellows. You are much more likely to succeed as part of a group than you are going at it alone. By participating in the weekly call with your cohort, you’ll receive the accountability, encouragement, and emotional connection that you need to achieve your goals. You’ll also be building relationships with smart, accomplished professionals as dedicated to succeeding as you are.
  • Professional Guidance – Whether developing a new skill, improving your health, or taking your business to the next level, it’s always more efficient to work with a professional. You’ll have an expert guide and facilitator to keep you focused on your goals and accountable for your choices, providing feedback and insights to accelerate your course.

Participating in a group like this greatly increases your likelihood of achieving your goals. Our current circle meets Tuesdays at 9:30am Pacific time, and the commitment is $99/month. We meet by Skype, so you can participate from any location.

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