DATE: March 22, 2019
TIME: Noon-1:00 (Pacific)
LOCATION: Virtual (Webinar)
COST: Free to subscribers

What makes your business or product stand out from the crowd? What do you have to offer potential customers that you (and only you) can deliver?

A Unique Value Proposition (UVP) is a concise, compelling statement that describes what makes something special and worth paying for. At (say) a networking event, it’s the core of the “elevator” pitch that conveys what you have to offer. On a website, it’s the first interaction potential customers have with you. Craft a good UVP and they might stick around for the rest of the story. Otherwise, they’ll simply leave.

During this interactive, 60-minute session, you’ll learn how to create a powerful Unique Value Proposition. We’ll examine what problem you’re solving for your target market, who they are, and what motivates them to turn to YOU – and not your competitors – for their solution. We’ll go over the key elements to a winning UVP, examine forms of value, and discuss what to say to your early adopters. After reviewing examples of winning UVPs to inspire you, we’ll brainstorm ideas for your own Unique Value Proposition.

By the end of the session, you’ll have:

  • Personalized advice on questions specific and relevant to your business model from a San Francisco Bay Area startup veteran.
  • A basic understanding of what makes a good UVP
  • A methodology for creating and improving your own UVP
  • Over a dozen examples of killer UVPs from successful, real-word companies